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Stichting Slow Fashion Movement is recognised by the Dutch tax authorities as an ANBI. This stands for “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”, which translates to Public Benefit Organisation.
  • An ANBI does not pay donation tax over donations that are used for general interest. The maximum amount of the exemption for donation tax in 2021 is € 3.244.
  • An ANBI does not pay inheritance tax over inheritances that are used as contributions to the mission of the organization. The maximum amount of the exemption in inheritance tax is € 2.244.
  • An ANBI can be entitled to a return of the energy tax.
  • The work done by volunteers for an institution with an ANBI-status can be seen as a gift under certain conditions for the tax assessment.
  • Donors that make donations to an ANBI can - if the donation is recorded - deduct that donation in their assessment income- or partnership tax.