FAQ for Participants

I signed up, when will I be added to the route?
If you have verified your email address, your request to join the Loop has come through successfully! The host of the Loop has been notified and will contact you to add you to the route.
This can sometimes take a little while as all hosts manage the Loop in their spare time. Most hosts add new members once every 2 to 4 weeks.
Are there rules on how much you can keep?
No, there are no hard rules here, but keep in mind the system works best when in balance. Every bag is different. Sometimes you find more, sometimes you don’t find anything. Every garment that is worn again is a win!
Do you have to donate the same amount of clothes as you take out?
Not necessarily, but do keep in mind that the system works best if there is a nice balance between gifting and taking. Clothes that are worn out, stained or damaged are never welcome.
Can all sizes of clothing be in the same bag?
Mixed bags work perfectly well usually, as sizes vary per brand and all people’s proportions are different.
We recommend having a mix of items from size 36 - 42 (S, M and (X)L, and starting separate Loops especially for smaller or bigger sizes.
How to avoid “Finders keepers, losers weepers”?
There are no guarantees that you will find something you like. Sometimes a few bags will pass your house that do not hold an item for you.
But remember: finding one dream item is more worth than having 10 items in your wardrobe that you don’t wear. And making someone else very happy with something that was collecting dust in your wardrobe is also a significant (and fun!) part of the Clothing Loop mentality!
What to do with bulky clothes (like winter coats) that don’t fit in the bag?
Big items can be photographed and shared via your communication channel, or in the Clothing Loop App. In a private message, people can respond and organize pick-up.
Can I put shoes in the bag as well?
That is up to your local host to decide. If your Loop allows you to add shoes to the bag, only add “as good as new” pairs, and no more than 2 pairs per bag. And please wrap them in a separate bag to avoid them touching the clothes.
I get the error: “your account already exists”.
Previously, you have created an account at the Clothing Loop already. To sign up for a new Loop, you will need to log in first. Click in the top right corner on login, Enter the email address you used to register your Loop.
Check your email (and spam folder!) for our verification link. We use a link instead of a password! Then you will be able to sign up for a new Loop.

FAQ for Hosts

How do I start a Loop?
We got you covered! We wrote a simple manual with all the instructions that can be found in our Toolkit. Please benefit from the lessons we learned in the many years we have been doing this!
How to find people to join my Loop?
Start small! Ask friends and acquaintances in your direct environment like your sports club or dance school. When you have a small crowd gathered, you can ask everyone to invite at least one more person, then the group will grow organically. You can also send out a press release to your local media. We already drafted you a template to fill in!
How much time will hosting a Loop cost me?
Our volunteers say they spend on average 1½ hours per month on hosting the Loop.
How do I sign up a new Loop?
We made you a simple guide with screenshots of every step. Still run into an issue? Send us an email!
How do I sign in on the website?
  1. Click in the top right corner on login
  2. Enter the email address you used to register your Loop.
  3. Check your email (and spam folder!) for our verification link. We use a link instead of a password!
  4. Now you are signed in and can view and edit your Loop(s) and see new participants.
How can I start using the App?
Yes! We made an app that you can very easily set up for your Loop. The app is available for iOS, Android and as web version: app.clothingloop.org.

You can download the app and use it within your group. It is super easy! You can find a more detailed guide on how to use the app in our Toolkit for Loop Hosts.
How to make a route?
You can make a route in the admin page of your Account. Click on Route and you will find an Optimize Route Button. Once you click on that button, all addresses are reorganized to make the best route. It is also possible to change addresses around one by one if that works better in that case. New participants will be placed in the most logical spot in the current list.
Are there images or graphic templates we can use?
Absolutely, we made you a Toolkit where you can find logos, pictures and templates. Use as many as you like!
Introducing a “Ghost rider” in the Loop
Once your Loop is ongoing for a while, you may want to change things up a little bit! You can then introduce a “ghost rider” bag that travels in the other direction, so all of a sudden you have other people before you in the route, and also other styles in the bag. If you do so, please make people aware that they shouldn’t put any items in the “ghost rider” bag that they have previously taken out of a regular bag. And keep the number of ghost rider bags limited to 1 or 2, to keep it special and simple.
Introducing a “Bunny Bag” in the Loop
Once your Loop is ongoing for a while, you may want to change things up a little bit! You can then introduce a “Bunny Bag” that always skips an address, so all of a sudden you have other people before you on the route, and also a few other styles in the bag. Keep the number of bunny bags limited to 1 or 2, to keep it special and simple.
How to manage a large group of people in the communication channel?
Especially when groups get bigger, it is important to make sure people aren’t bombarded with (irrelevant) messages. You can set up some rules for what should and shouldn’t be shared via the group app. For example:
  • Yes, in the app:
    • Selfies of nice things you took from the bag or nice things that you are putting in
    • Compliments to others
    • Logistics and organizational relevant updates from the host
  • No, not in the app:
    • Everything unrelated to the Clothing Loop (requests for surveys, invites for new groups, Fund raising, memes, etc). If you want to ask everyone’s input on something, use a polling function
    • Use the private message function when your message only concerns one person.
Why don’t I see a participant that signed up?
When you know a participant has signed up, but you don’t see them in the participant’s list in Account and you haven’t received the automatic email from us. It’s probably because the participant’s email address hasn’t been verified. Please ask a new participant to log in. Once they’ve logged in, their account is verified. Now you’ll receive the email and see them in the New list.
What if I no longer have time to manage the Clothing Loop I started?
Use the group! Ask if someone else wants to help out hosting the Loop. Over time they may want to take over completely.
What if someone wants to join but lives too far away?
If someone signed up for your Loop but lives too far outside of your Loop area, it is up to you to decide if they may join. If they cannot, please send them an email to let them know. When in doubt: one thing you can do to decrease the distance between addresses, is to ask that person to find other participants between their area and the original Loop location.
What is an ideal group size?
We’d recommend having a minimum of 20 people in a group: after 20 addresses you usually do not recognise anything in the bag anymore, so you can continue swapping. There is no real maximum, it is up to you what still works! In the Netherlands an average Loop is 45 people. But there are Loops running smoothly with over 180 people!
What if somebody moves house and wants to join in another area?
You as Loop host can remove them from your Loop when signed in on our website. If they want to join again in their new neighborhood, ask them to simply sign up again with their new address.
Participants can login on our website, and edit their account details in their account page. Meaning: they can leave a Loop and sign up for another one.
What to do if the Clothing Loop doesn’t work well?
Make sure that everyone shares the responsibility for only adding good quality items.

Do you see something that shouldn’t be in a bag? Try to donate it to your local textile recycling program. If in doubt, ask the person next to you on the address list if they agree. It is good to have a few people function as ‘checkpoints’ along the route, to make sure the bags stay in good condition. Because if the quality of the clothing isn’t high enough, people might leave the Loop and that would be a shame!

A fabric shaver can extend the lifetime of a clothing item enormously! You can share this advice within your community.

And last but not least, set a good example yourself: share some nice photos and encourage others to do the same! Seeing where items end up is a huge motivation for people to donate nice items.

FAQ for the App

What is the Clothing Loop App?
The Clothing Loop App is made to make organizing a Loop easier. You can start using the app, if you are part of a Loop. A host can decide together with the participants if they want to start using the app to organize their Loop.
In the app: you can find the rules of your local Loop, you can find out who to bring the bag to next, where the bags are and post bulky items that do not fit into the bag.
Where can I find the app?
You can find the app in Google Playstore, Apple Appstore, or as web-version: app.clothingloop.org
Can I change the Rules in the App?
Yes, as a host you are able to change, adjust, and add rules in the App. Participants are not able to change the rules. To change the rules, click in the upper right corner on Change. After you have changed the rules, click on Save to save your changes.
Which addresses can I see?
As a host, you can see everybody's information in your Loop. As a participant, you can only see the information of the two participants before and after you. A participant is also able to see the information of a host.
How to set a bag to my name?
If you have received a bag, you can set a bag to your name in the tab of Bags. Click on the picture of the Bag and search for your name. Also, note the date of when the bag arrived. It is important to note that you have received the bag every time.
What are Bulky Items (like winter coats)?
Big items that are too big for the bag can be photographed and shared. Click on Create, make a title and description, and create a new Bulky Item. Other participants then can click on your name to find your information. In a private message, participants can respond and organize pick-up. After the pick-up, a Bulky Item has to be removed from the list.
Can I use the app as I partake in multiple Loops?
Yes, you can use the app while you are involved in multiple Loops. If you go to Info, you can switch between Loops, after you click on the name of the Loop.
Why do I only see an SMS button?
This phone number starts with 06 and doesn’t have an international code (for example +31). If a phone number does have an international code (+31 6…), WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram buttons also appear.
You can change your phone number in Account. Hosts are also able to edit a participant’s information