Contributing to the Clothing Loop


All donations to the Clothing Loop are greatly appreciated to help offset costs to keep the Clothing Loop free and available for all users!


Start a Loop!

Consider starting a loop as a host. The Clothing Loop is free to use and a great way to connect with people. If you want to join a loop and there isn't one already in your area, don't be afraid to start one!

Start a new Loop

Plan a Clothes Swap Event!

A swap party is a great way to trade clothes and get the chance to meet up with friends and neighbors and swap clothes! Also, check out upcoming events on our calendar.


Share your Clothing Loop Swapping Story

If you've had a positive experience with the Clothing Loop and want to spread the word, tag us on social media. We are on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We would love to hear how the Clothing Loop has impacted you!

Contribute to Our Website

Do you code? The Clothing Loop is an open-source website. Click here to see our open tasks on GitHub. While we mostly communicate through Slack, email us if you're interested in volunteering your programming skills and joining our weekly developer meetings.

Help us translate with Crowdin

Our web app is able to reach you in eight different languages due to the kind people who take the time to translate it using Crowdin. We would love for the Clothing Loop to be accessible to as many people as possible, and if you're multilingual and want to contribute to the Clothing Loop, consider adding translations on Crowdin.

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Send us Feedback

We are always excited to hear how the Clothing Loop has impacted our members or how we could improve. If you have improvement suggestions or want to share how the Clothing Loop has affected you, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

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